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Can I Kindle?

With the recent release of my book Obscure Darkness, a lot of folks have been asking me can they read my book without a Kindle device? The quick answer is yes - yes you can. Obviously, the next question is How? Let me give you those answers...

The Kindle Device

The Kindle Device is an eReader sold by It looks like a tablet PC, but sports a monochrome screen. This is done on purpose, as the technology that drives its display is called e-Ink, which was created to mimick printed paper (it does a pretty good job). Unlike tablet computers like the Apple iPad, the Kindle is only a book reader and audio book device. It can broswes the internet and download webpages, but this is not a main feature and does not work very well. There are multiple versions of the Kindle: 

Kindle WiFi $139/$114 6 inch screen (the lower price device comes with ads)

Kindle 3G+WiFi $189 6 inch screen

Kindle DX  $379 9.7 inch screen

The Kindle App  

Amazon has also created a Kindle App. This essentially allows devices like your computer or mobile phone able to purchase and read Kindle eBooks.

The Kindle App is free for any of these devices below:


IOS (iPhone, iPad Touch, iPad)


Windows Phone 7



You can shop online for your eBooks and then send them to your preferred device. So there you have it, quite a few options available for people to enjoy digital books from Amazon. 


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