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Obscure Darkness

by Joe Martinez

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Obscure Darkness is a Collection of five short horror stories whose intention is to creep and sicken you. 

The Last Call Two cable workers are called to perform one more service call before ending their day. Pulling up to a rundown home, both are unaware of the dangers that lurk inside. Follow Lou and Jimmie on their taxing descent on Last Call. 

The Head Named Fred Cory was a normal grade school kid, just a bit of an outsider. Your mother always told you to be careful who you make friends with, but when you can't choose your friends, what can you do? Cory finds out the hard way.

Report 871552 Read the story of a top secret report the government never wants you to see. 

Rubber Man Sean Ryan is a homicide detective. A very successful one at that. His secret- he shares a psychic link with the murderer's he investigates. He can see through their eyes, feel what they feel, hear what they say, but can he stop them before they kill? 

The Program Shernise has entered a drug rehab center to help kick her habits. The Program is very simple: they give you the treatment that eradicates your addiction. In return, you must give them your complete loyalty and sacrifice the one thing a person has, their freedom. 


Can I Kindle?

With the recent release of my book Obscure Darkness, a lot of folks have been asking me can they read my book without a Kindle device? The quick answer is yes - yes you can. Obviously, the next question is How? Let me give you those answers...

The Kindle Device

The Kindle Device is an eReader sold by It looks like a tablet PC, but sports a monochrome screen. This is done on purpose, as the technology that drives its display is called e-Ink, which was created to mimick printed paper (it does a pretty good job). Unlike tablet computers like the Apple iPad, the Kindle is only a book reader and audio book device. It can broswes the internet and download webpages, but this is not a main feature and does not work very well. There are multiple versions of the Kindle: 

Kindle WiFi $139/$114 6 inch screen (the lower price device comes with ads)

Kindle 3G+WiFi $189 6 inch screen

Kindle DX  $379 9.7 inch screen

The Kindle App  

Amazon has also created a Kindle App. This essentially allows devices like your computer or mobile phone able to purchase and read Kindle eBooks.

The Kindle App is free for any of these devices below:


IOS (iPhone, iPad Touch, iPad)


Windows Phone 7



You can shop online for your eBooks and then send them to your preferred device. So there you have it, quite a few options available for people to enjoy digital books from Amazon. 



Check It Out

I want to thank you for visiting my site with interest in my new short story collection. I have been a part-time writer for a very long time. With the success of the Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad as eBook readers, I thought it was time to finally take the dive. The short stories I collected in this anthology were stories that I have written over the years, some dating back to the early 90's.

Most of my short fiction work is in the horror genre. Though, I tend to lean towards the bizzare and often sick and twisted. My long fiction work tends to be rooted in Fantasy/Sci-Fi Fantasy. My next project is a science fiction fanatasy novel. I will share more details when I get most of the first draft completed.

Feel free to comment below and I will be checking in with updates and I will try and answer any questions you have.