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Apple is Cocaine 

So, the post you see below where I derided the iPad 2 as a small incremental upgrade that I would most likely dismiss until the undoubtedly bigger update comes in iPad3- I was kidding myself. Apple seems to feed certain endorphins in my body that make me yearn for their products.

It's not all kittens and apple pie. I was able to turn my nose up to the new MacBook Pro's they updated last week. But their isn't much Kryptonite in Apple's arsenal, unless you don't own and use Apple products- then what I say may seem a bit like Charlie Sheen at the moment.

So what am I saying...

I am getting the iPad 2.

Find the features here and specs here.

Suck it Apple - you got my number.


l8r - h8r

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This is your fate. Let me know if you want to dump your old one.

March 3, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDon

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