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iLove the iPad

So this past Friday, I received my order for Apple's 3G/WiFi iPad. I have played with it over the weekend, and though I haven't learned all the ins and outs of it, I can attest to loving the device. Why? you might ask. Read on and I will tell you why the iPad makes me giggle like a kid and marvel at the future of personal computing.

I Was A Star Wars Child

I grew up in the 70's and 80's at the height of Science Fiction in movies. Though Star Trek, Doctor Who and the Twilight Zone were the trail-blazers, it wasn't until the 1970's that Science Fiction hit the main stream. The movie that had the biggest influence is arguably Star Wars. It set the stage for science fiction relevancy. Movies, TV, Books, Comics and Art were either inundated with renewed fervor or brought attention to established sci-fi works.

The iPad takes me back to those childhood days when I dreamed of jumping into a star-fighter and rocketing my way to other worlds. Cool devices like laser guns, rocket packs, computing devices you could carry around, awesome polyester clothing that looked way cooler than anything Sears was selling. It was all in my imagination. Now, Apple has given us 2 devices that have come the closest to realizing those dreams, the iPhone and iPad.

This is the stuff Science Fiction dreamed of- talented artist and authors drew, imagined and wrote about. Powerful devices that gave you instant access to information, connected you to others and entertained you at the same time, all in a device that you carried with you. Wrapping my hands around the iPad for the first time and using the device shot me back in time to an 8 year old kid staring out at the sky, a myriad of doodads tacked onto my belt and clothing, ready to take on the Empire. I felt like Spock with his Tricorder. I felt like I was Buck Rogers. The future I dreamed of was resting in my hands.

iPad - it's personal now´╗┐

To say the iPad is just an enlarged iPhone is very disingenuous. Though the look is very similar, the fact that it is roughly 4 times as big, does make a difference. It transforms into a device that is instantly more personal. The term PC means Personal Computer. At the time is was coined, computers were large Main Frame machines powering corporate and academic institutions. Desktop computers were devices that could sit on your desk and be used for a specific set of programs or instructions. Personal Computers or PC's were born. They have gotten bigger and then smaller as time passed. The iPad is the first device that is truly a personal computer.

Its very essence- the way you interact with it, by touching it, connects you to the device in an emotional capacity, more so than I even thought. Humans are tactile creatures, we connect through touch. This simple tactile difference is what makes the iPad the most personal computing device created thus far. With all of its capabilities (I will not argue its short comings, nothing is perfect- you can check my thoughts on the iPhone OS in my previous iPad post here), the iPad invites you, through touch, to interact with it, truly interface in the most human and intimate way, with your fingers. It is, at the same time, subconsciously tapping into an emotional attachment that I have never experienced with a consumer electronic device or any object except a book, funnily, another thing you interact with through touch.


SO is the iPad the best computing device out there? The short answer is NO. It is however, the most personal one and I am glad I purchased it. For me, it fits in my life quite nicely, a sort of trapper keeper for all my digital stuff: books, movies, TV, music, comics, newspapers, internet, games, notepads, word processor, and online shopping, all in an easy to carry device.

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So I take it you like it then. ;) I look forward to playing with it.

May 6, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDon Snabulus

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